Gamme Création

The mango gives a light fruity twist to the Berliner Weisse. With a low alcohol level, don’t hold on for your next sip! This wheat beer is very malty with cereal, sourdough and fresh bread flavours.
Strong 7% ale inspired by Belgian Trappist beers. By its rich amber colour, you can already taste the caramel notes of the beer. The residual sugar is well balanced with the bitterness and makes it the perfect winter beer. The Belgian yeast gives dried fruits and spices flavours.
SMASH SABRO is a beer in which the Sabro hop is the star. It has a bright yellow colour and some notes of blue grapes, melon and litchi. The bitterness of the beer slowly makes room for all the fruit flavours. To taste them to the fullest, enjoy this beer at 10-14.C
Kettle sour
Brewed like a traditional Berliner Weisse, this Kettle Sour is a light wheat beer with a delightful tartness. The malt is the star of the show in this recipe creating a grand finale full of cereal, sourdough and fresh bread flavours for your taste buds.You can drink it on its own or add a fruit syrup to balance sourness.
This Sour Cherry Milkshake is a dessert beer. We call it a Mikshake because it is brewed with lactose and vanilla which give it a hazy colour and a sweet taste. The sweetness combined with the tartness of this beer reminds us of a cherry pie! With 8,2% alcohol it’s a real treat to savour slowly!